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Are you in needing Bodyguard Services? We will help ensure your safety with our Executive Protection Blackwater and your arrival to and from your destinations.

Need Protection? Blackwater Protection Agency. You will get all the protection you need from our trained security experts.

Why Risk your Life? Blackwater Protection Services. Our Team will give you peace of mind.
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Blackwater Agency, a provider of customized protection and security solutions.

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Our company, Blackwater, has 20 plus years of experience providing safety to others, and we always exceed our security assertations. Our company is very proud to be leading in the security industry as well as providing our markets most advanced customized security services and protection services solutions.

When you need bodyguard services, and your safety is of the essence, then use Blackwater for your travel needs and we’ll make sure you can go to and from your destinations with the utmost safety. Blackwater’s bodyguard services drivers are veteran drivers for corporate executives, celebrities, and dignitaries.

We use the top security teaching staff and have developed an amazing, comprehensive training program to ensure the learning of safety standards. We are the top of our game and utilize state of the art video and computer training techniques.

Why choose Blackwater? We provide professionalism, and our main mission is to provide trained professional security team members to our customers and to ensure they receive a security service that is second to none.


Our Technical Aptitude
We conduct all our investigations with investigators that are professionals and know how to obtain quickly the evidence you need quickly and accurately.
Proven Track Record
We have vast experience – over 20 years as a security company providing: security officers, bodyguards, protection services, monitoring systems, CCTV and more.
Development that is second to none
We illicit a multitude private investigations and security services to obtain just about any information you may think of on any person or company.



Armed and unarmed agents trained in providing security for high-rise buildings, corporate centers, and industrial complexes. Read More


Security personnel is providing our clients with the highest level of security. Read More


Ideal for Celebrities, Executives, Dignitaries, Athletes, Musicians, and People who want to remain anonymous.


Your family’s safety is paramount; our agents are bound by strict privacy policies and dedicated to duty.
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Blackwater offers static Mobile and Static Security to conduct random security patrols at any venue.
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Blackwater can provide any venue with a security solution for your company’s sporting, entertainment or corporate event.
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VIP’s must travel to places that may present some element of risk to the individual; we provide solutions.
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Blackwater Agency is the premier source for customized CCTV Monitoring. State of the art equipment provides security.
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